Dear ARML Team,

Thank you to everyone who participated in our ARML team this year! We had another great season, and after catching up on some sleep, I’m already looking forward to next year’s ARML season.

The Contest Problems and Final Results have been posted on ARML’s website. Our A1 team finished 2nd nationally this year, and our A2 team finished in 14th place in Division A, as the second best A2 team in the country. Our regional teams finished with similar scores and placed at or near the top of the rankings for third, fourth, and fifth teams of organizations nationwide.

More importantly, it was wonderful to see so many of you at practices, at ARML Local, and at the competition in Reno last weekend. To me, the community that we build in our team every year is what ARML is really about.

Special shout-outs to:

  • Our coaches for organizing practices, coming to Reno, and being lots of fun.
  • Zach and the rest of the Sac/Davis coaches for putting in a ton of work to organize the Sacramento branch of our team.
  • Our parent chaperones for joining the trip and helping make everything run smoothly.
  • AlphaStar Academy for partnering with us for ARML Power Contest and ARML Local, and for supporting our practice venues this year.
  • All of the students, parents, and everyone else involved with the team for your contributions to our community.

Nathan took many photos at ARML, and they can be found at the following link: [redacted for the website – email for the link].

Please stay in touch! Students are encouraged to join the team Discord server – click on the Discord icon on our website to join. I hope that we’ll see many of you at events throughout the coming year, and as a part of next year’s team.

–Moor and the rest of the SFBA/NorCal coaching staff