Dear ARML Team,

A couple events happening this weekend for the team:

Second Tryout

Our second tryout will take place tomorrow (Saturday), 3pm-4pm. The tryout will be held on ContestDojo, just like the previous tryout. We will open the tryout at 3pm. Please note that you must start the tryout by 3:10pm in order to have the full time allotted for the tryout. For more information about the tryout, see my previous email.

First SFBA Practice

Our first SFBA practice will take place in San Jose on Sunday, noon to 5pm, at Enlighten Heart Education Center. The details are on Practices. At this first practice, we will introduce the coaches, announce this year’s elite teams, introduce each of the ARML rounds, and practice in teams. We encourage everyone to carpool to practice with others from your city or area.

ARML is a team event, and it’s important that everyone come to practice if possible in order to work in teams. If you have a schedule conflict with part of practice, it’s ok to attend whatever portion that you’re available. If you’re unable to attend, please fill out our practice absence form and provide a (good) reason. Practice attendance is a factor in both elite team placement and selection of alternates; see the Policies for more information.

If you are not joining the team on the trip to Reno this year, you’re still welcome to come to practice - just make sure to check in with a coach when you arrive so we can tell you which team to practice with. If you’re in the Sacramento/Davis area, you’re not required or expected to come to SFBA’s practices; instead, please attend the practice at UC Davis.

–Moor and the rest of the SFBA/NorCal coaching staff