Dear ARML Team,

Roster Check

At the bottom of this email is the list of all students who are fully registered and have a confirmed spot on our team. If you think that you’re registered, please look for your name in the list below. In case of any errors or changes, get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can make corrections before submitting this list to ARML.

Roommate Form

Now that our roster is pretty much set, we’re giving everyone a chance to update roommate requests. This form is due at 8:00pm on Friday, and we’ll do our best to accommodate requests that we receive by then. Requests must be mutual - both parties need to request each other. Note that we will likely be required to separate students over 18 and under 18 in the roommate assignments.

Submit your roommate preferences here.

Upcoming Events

We will hold elite team tryouts online on ContestDojo on April 28 and May 4. The Bay Area teams will hold practices on May 5, 11, and 18, while Sacramento will continue to hold weekly practices as well. The details are available at

In the coming week, we will also reach out regarding transportation. By default, everyone’s transportation will be a bus seat provided by the team. If you’re considering traveling to ARML independently with your parents, we will have information for you soon. (In short, we will designate a drop-off time on Friday and a pick-up time on Saturday, and ask all independent travelers to comply with those times.)

In the coming weeks, we will also send out permission slips to parents for electronic signatures – watch out for instructions in future emails.

T-Shirt Designs

As a reminder, t-shirt designs should be submitted by April 28. Please see this post for more information. If you have a design idea in mind, but are unable to produce a design, please send that idea to us at and we may be able to help.

A note on the Sunday return option

Unfortunately, even though many students indicated interest in this option prior to the start of the season, an insufficient number of students have selected this option in order for it to be viable for us to offer it this year. Those who selected the Sunday return option should have gotten a separate email from me, and we will process refunds for the $75 add-on fees. Everyone who selected the Sunday return option will instead have a bus seat returning home on Saturday evening.

As a team, we continue to believe that the social components of ARML are a big part of what makes this experience uniquely valuable, and we’ll strive to organize more activities that allow for those social interactions, both within our teams and between students from other regions.

A few reminders

All team information and announcements are posted at If you have recently joined the team, you can go there to see an archive of old emails and announcements.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to our coaching staff at

–Moor and the rest of the SFBA/NorCal coaching staff

Current Team Roster

Redacted for the website – email if you need assistance.