Dear ARML Team,

Thanks to everyone who joined us at ARML this year! I’m really proud of what our team was able to accomplish this year.

In terms of highlights, our A1 team placed 1st nationally, which is our team’s 11th national championship, and third in a row. Our A2 team placed 6th nationally, which is our best A2 performance since 2013 and the second best A2 performance in modern ARML history. Looking at third teams, fourth teams, and so on across all organizations nationwide, our regional teams were all in the top 3 among their respective cohorts.

More importantly, I loved seeing how much fun everyone had at ARML this year, starting from our practices and our ice cream social, through the bus ride to Reno, games in the dorms, the integration bee, the contest in the ballroom, in the dining hall, and on the way home. As I mentioned at our final team meeting, ARML is our annual opportunity to come together from our respective schools and teams, and represent our region as one organization. I think we did a great job of that this year.

There are more people to thank than I can list, but special thanks go to our partner organizations for their support, and to our coaches for volunteering their time and energy to make this experience possible. For our seniors on the team, we hope to have you back next year as coaches!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for next year, please feel free to let us know while everything is fresh. Hope everyone has a great summer, and looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

–Moor and the rest of the SFBA/NorCal coaching staff