Dear ARML Team,

It was great to see everyone at practice last Sunday, and I enjoyed closing our practice with an ice cream social.

A few brief updates for this week, including an action item that’s due today.

Team Assignments

We announced the roster for this year’s two elite teams (A1 and A2) on Sunday. Those teams are listed below. With all of the talent that we have on our team, it was quite a difficult decision.

This year, we’ll split our remaining teams into four groups, called A3 through A6. These teams are not ranked, and will be divided regionally by default, with A3 being our Sacramento-area team. We plan to announce our regional teams at this weekend’s practice, and to practice in those teams on Saturday.

We’re opening a limited time opportunity for students on regional teams to request teammates. If you are on a regional team, you may submit a request by end-of-day Thursday (today) to be placed on a team with specific other students. While it might not be possible to fulfill every such request, we intend to honor these requests as much as possible in the selection process.

Additionally, as we currently have 84 students on our roster, our A6 team will not be a complete team. This year, we’re partnering with Washington ARML to combine our A6 team with their partial team in order to form a full team at the ARML competition in Reno. Washington ARML is currently led by Jeff Soesbe, who was our long-time Sacramento coach until 2021, and Arpit Ranasaria, a Stanford student who also coaches at our SFBA practices, and I think this will be a fun opportunity.

For those of you who are unable to attend our in-person practices or are otherwise busy, we have a special offer associated with our A6 team. We will organize joint online practices on Sunday afternoons with our A6 team and Washington’s A3 team. While students who choose this option are of course still welcome to attend in-person SFBA practices, they will not be required to do so, and will not need to submit absence forms. If this option appeals to you, please let us know.

Both for requesting teammates for the regional teams, and to request a spot on SFBA / NorCal A6, please complete the following form by end of day Thursday (today):

Team Assignment Request Form

Second SFBA Practice

Our second SFBA practice will take place in Cupertino on Saturday, noon to 5pm, at Random Math’s offices. The details are on the practice website. Like this past weekend, we’ll spend the last 45 minutes of practice doing something fun to help everyone meet each other. We encourage everyone to carpool to practice with others from your city or area.

As we’ve mentioned previously, practice is an important part of ARML, and we ask that team members come to as much of the practices as possible. For SFBA students, if you’re unable to attend, please fill out our practice absence form and provide a (good) reason. Examples of good reasons include health issues and conflicting events; we generally discourage using studying for exams as a reason to miss practice. If you don’t have time to come to in-person practices, we encourage you to consider choosing to participate on the A6 team.

Practice Materials

Practice materials from our first practice have now been posted. Note that each team at practice covered different material – if your team hasn’t covered something yet, please don’t review it on your own, as your team will likely use this material at our next practice.

Bay Area Practice Materials

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know!

–Moor and the rest of the SFBA/NorCal coaching staff

A1 Team

Redacted for the website – email if you need assistance.

A2 Team


Regional Team Members – Sacramento


Regional Team Members – Bay Area