Dear ARML Team,

First Tryout

Our first tryout will take place today (Sunday), 4pm-5pm. Unlike previously announced, there will not be a Zoom call. Instead, we will hold this tryout entirely on ContestDojo.

If you have secured a spot on the team by registering and paying for ARML, your ContestDojo account should have been updated to reflect membership in a team called “SFBA/NorCal ARML 2023 - All Students”. If you see this team when you log in, that means that you’re set up correctly.

If you are not intending to travel with the team to Reno and have not paid ARML fees, you’re still welcome to participate in the tryout for extra practice. If you’d like to participate, please create a Student account on ContestDojo if you do not have one yet, and reply to this email with the email address of your ContestDojo account. We will authorize your account to participate in the tryout as an unregistered student. Please note that you will need to send in your information by 3:45pm in order to be able to start the tryout on time.

At 4pm, we will open the tryout. Click on the button “Click here to take your tests”, and you will be able to start the tryout. The tryout will consist of 10 problems in 5 pairs, 10 minute per pair. After each set, ContestDojo will automatically advance you to the next pair, with no intervening pause. Please note that you must start the tryout by 4:10pm in order to have the full time allotted for the tryout – starting later will result in having less total time.

Please treat the tryout as you would any contest. The tryout should represent your own work, and you should not use outside resources. Do not use calculators or other computing aids during the tryout.

A note on elite team selection: While recommended, tryouts are not required for elite team selection. We consider a wide variety of factors in team selection, including contest scores. We encourage everyone to participate in tryouts, regardless of interest in elite teams, since it’s good extra practice. We will have an additional tryout opportunity on May 6. For details, see

T-Shirt Designs

As a reminder, t-shirt designs should be submitted by today, April 30. Please see this post for more information. If you have a design idea in mind, but are unable to produce a design, please send that idea to us at and we may be able to help.

–Moor and the rest of the SFBA/NorCal coaching staff