Withdrawing from the team

Submitting payment for ARML represents a commitment to attend with your team. If you need to withdraw from the team after submitting payment, notify the coaching staff (info@sfbanorcalarml.org) immediately. We are able to offer refunds, minus processing fees, before April 25th. After that, we incur the costs of participation, and it will not be possible to provide refunds.

Withdrawing from ARML will negatively affect your standing for elite team selection in future years. In addition, withdrawing without notifying the coaching staff promptly may result in you not being allowed to go to ARML at all in the future.

Please note that communication about withdrawals and replacements is ONLY accepted via email to info@sfbanorcalarml.org. Do not attempt to notify coaches in person or via phone, text message, social media, or any other mode of communication, as these will be ignored.

ARML Local

ARML Local will be held on April 20/21. See the practices page for more information. Participation is expected for students interested in being selected for elite teams, but is otherwise optional. All students from our region who are eligible to participate in ARML Local may do so with our team, regardless of whether they have registered on ContestDojo or paid any fees. No fee is required for students to participate in ARML Local through our organization. Students are also allowed to take ARML Local as part of another Bay Area organization; if you do this, please send your score report to info@sfbanorcalarml.org so that we can include your score as part of the elite team selection process.

Elite team selection

We plan to select two or three “elite” teams from among our top performers. We will hold two elite team selection tryouts on ContestDojo; everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend, but participation is expected for those seeking a spot on an elite team.

Elite teams will be selected based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to: scores on designated optional tryouts, past performance at ARML, present and past performance on AMC, AIME, and other national and regional contests (eg. SMT, BMT, or mathleague.org state and national contests), and any other knowledge that the coaches have, and team leadership. All decisions of the coaches regarding team selection are final. Do not send emails requesting a spot on an elite team: everyone who is registered will be considered for elite teams.


Practices are an important part of the ARML process, particularly for the chance to work together with a full 15-member team. As a result, students who miss practices may be removed from elite teams at any time. Please see the practice information page for more details. Fees are required only if a student intends to participate in the ARML competition. No fee is required for students to participate in practices through our organization.


In the event that we don’t have a multiple of 15 students on our teams, we may need to select some students as alternates. At ARML, alternates participate fully in the competition, as combined teams with students from various regions. Our team’s coaches will select alternates primarily based on practice attendance, and decisions of the coaches are final.

COVID Policy

We will attend ARML in person in Reno, and you should only join the team if you are comfortable with the idea of participating in an event like this and understand and accept the risks involved. Note that ARML is not mandating masking at this year’s event.