The default mode of transportation to ARML is by bus. The buses will leave from the Bay Area on the morning of May 31st and return on the evening of June 1st or the morning of June 2nd. Buses will make multiple stops in the Bay Area and a stop in the Sacramento/Davis area. Depending on the size of our team, the “bus” may include vans or other additional vehicles. This is the only officially sanctioned method of travel to ARML.

All students must travel via approved means to ARML. This is usually limited to the bus or travel with the student’s parent or guardian. Students wishing to travel with their parents, or arrange a carpool with other students and parents, should contact the coaching staff immediately.

New for 2024: Option to return Sunday morning

Due to popular demand, we are adding an option this year to return home either on Saturday evening (as we did in 2023) or on Sunday morning (as we did in 2022 and earlier). For those to choose to stay in Reno until Sunday morning, we will organize social activities in the dorm in conjunction with other teams on Saturday night. This is an opportunity to spend more time with teammates and meet math enthusiasts from other regions.

We anticipate having two buses this year, one returning Saturday night and one returning Sunday morning. Due to limited capacity, we are capping the Sunday morning option to approximately 45 students. In order to register to return Sunday morning, purchase the Sunday morning return add-on according to the instructions on our Joining the Team page. Once the Sunday morning return bus is full, we will close this add-on option.

In the event that the Sunday morning return option is less popular than anticipated, we would convert the Sunday morning return bus back to a Saturday evening return bus. In this case, we would refund any additional cost that has been paid for the Sunday morning return option. We will publish the travel roster in early May with any relevant details.

ARML schedule and activities

Our schedule at ARML can change from year to year. However, here is a rough outline of what goes on during the trip.

  • Friday morning: Travel to Reno
  • Friday afternoon: ARML competition begins (Team and Power rounds)
  • Friday evening: Free time, dinner provided
  • Saturday morning: ARML competition concludes (Individual and Relay rounds); lunch provided
  • Saturday afternoon: ARML awards ceremony, final team meeting and awards
  • Saturday evening: Return home (default)
  • Saturday night: Activities in the dorm with other teams (Sunday morning return option ONLY)
  • Sunday morning: Return home (Sunday morning return option ONLY)

What to pack

  • Clothes
  • Masks that fully cover your mouth and nose, if you want
  • Water bottle
  • Shampoo and toiletries
  • Writing instrument(s)
  • Board or card games if desired
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Spending money (to cover meals and other expenses)
  • More spending money (if desired, for ARML books and other souvenirs)
  • Frisbees, basketballs, etc. (if desired)

What not to pack

  • Calculators (they are not allowed on the competition)
  • Sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels (they are provided in the dorm)
  • Fancy electronics (due to risk of loss, theft, or damage, we recommend not bringing them)
  • Homework (finish it before you go, and have some fun on the trip!)
  • Alcohol, weapons, any illegal or dangerous items