Joining the Team

There are four steps to joining the SFBA/NorCal ARML team. If you are interested in going to ARML, complete all four steps:

1. Read the FAQ and Policies.

Read the policy section carefully, as you will be required to agree to it when paying fees. You may skim the FAQ section if you are already familiar with how ARML works.

2. Fill out the Information Sheet.

Fill out this form ( if you have any interest at all in ARML. It does not commit you to coming to ARML, nor does it reserve your spot on the team. Once you fill out the form, we will add you to the team email list, where we will send details about practices and important updates about the competition. Do this before paying ARML fees.

3. Pay the ARML fee on ContestDojo.

On ContestDojo, create or log into a student account. Under “Events Accepting Registrations”, find “SFBA/NorCal ARML 2024” and click on the “Register” button. Select “Register As Independent Student” and complete the corresponding form. Please use the same name and email address as you did in the Information Sheet. You will pay the ARML fee as part of this process.

Once you pay the fee, you should see an info box that says “You must create or join a team to complete registration.” No action is required from you at this point – we will move you onto the “Registered Students” team once we review your registration.

The $390 ARML fee represents your commitment to attending ARML. We must receive your payment by April 23rd, and we cannot provide refunds after this date. You cannot be placed on a team until you have paid.

This fee includes transportation to ARML on Friday morning, transportation home on Saturday evening, one night in the dorm, two meals on Saturday June 1st, and a team t-shirt.

3.5. Optional: Decide whether to select to return Sunday morning.

This year, we are offering an option to return home Sunday morning instead of Saturday night, providing time to participate in activities with students from other regions. See our Logistics and Travel page for more information.

This option is available at an additional cost of $75 (which includes the extra dorm night). If you want to select this option, purchase the Sunday morning return add-on at

If you would like to select this option, please also do so by April 23rd. Due to availability, the Sunday morning return option is limited, and this option will close when full.

4. Fill out the permission slip.

We will send a permission slip via DocuSign to parents of all team members in early May. Permission slips must be electronically signed by May 29th. Students who are missing a permission slip after that date may lose their spot on the team with no refund.


We expect that all students who complete steps 1, 2, and 3 by April 23rd will be able to participate at ARML. We will not be able to accommodate additional students after April 23rd.

Coaches and Parent Volunteers

If you are an adult (parent, teacher, college student, alumnus, etc.) interested in helping run practices or chaperoning the ARML trip, fill out the Information Sheet. Do not register on ContestDojo or pay any fees. Coaching staff will contact you with more information.